Jetta Catahoulas

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CA UWP USJ GHCH Tumblinrun'sTucson's KeepSake

September 2006 - March 2016
R.I.P sweet girl

CA UWP USJ GRCH Tumblinrun's Tucson's KeepSake
Premier - Michigan June 2008- Two Ch of Ch Wins



We will take the time to evaluate whether this pup is going to be a "working" dog in our kennel.  She seems to have a keen sense of her surroundings.. and the drive to know what to do with it.  She will not be involved in Search and Rescue/ or Recovery like so many before her have been. 
As Keeper ages and the evaluation of her continues we will post information about her progress in her training. Whatever her given field of training she will be a lovely asset to our home, lives and kennel and the things we strive to do..
She like the others wil also enjoy a "career" in the show ring...however that will not be first priority for her. First priority for Keep is to be a loving, cared for member of our family.  After she has established that.. which she in short order has done... she will proceed onto making herself well known in the hearts of those that meet her. 

September 6, 2006





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