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GRCH Jetta's Indigo Blue

GRCH Jetta's Indigo Blue is a great all around dog from one of our first litters.  Her sire came from some great working cattle dog lines along with some great conformation lines, she exhibits a lot of the things we strive to achieve here at Jetta Catahoulas.. Brains, Drive, Temperament, and excellent conformation.
We feel so strongly about this particularly breeding and the abilities in this line that we brought back in one of her offspring Tumblinrun's Tucson's Keepsake. After Indy's litter we lost the ability to reproduce this particular line until Keeper. We are looking forward to continuing this great line of working dogs in our future litters.

Meet AGII GRCH Jetta's Indigo Blue

Indy to her friends. Not only is Indy a great example comformationaly of the breed, she is also a perfect example of what makes this breed so versatile.

Indy has been in the UKC's Top Ten for breed several years in a roll. She received her Total Dog award from the United Kennel Club in June of 2005. That award for Indy was not only her first award in this area. But also the first Catahoula in the history of the Kennel Club.

Indy has numerous titles and placements with points in multiple areas of performance. She has Agility titles, Obedience Titles, Flyball titles. She has also competed in NALC Hog Bay and Treeing Vents.

Indy's Dam was Abney's Blue DeSoto who is a sister to our Stud GRCH Abney's Blue Gunner. Indy's sire was Sunflower's Tucson. The late Sunflower's Tucson left a great legacy in Indy and her offspring.


2004 UKC Top 10

2005 UKC Top 10

2005, Indy becomes the first Catahoula ever

to achieve UKC Total Dog

Best of Breed

Q199 AGI


2003 ARBA High Pt Catahoula

BOB LCDOA Specialty 2004

Indy is not just a pretty face!





NAFA Flyball FD, FDX

CDSP Obedience CD-H

APDT Rally RL-1

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