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Search and Rescue work we do

Gr Ch Abney's Blue Gunner
Gunner in his Search and Recovery Vest

The things our dogs do for a job, and the things we send our pups to do for a job when they leave here.
Jetta Catahoulas are worked in Search and Rescue, they are in the show rings throughout the United States with various handlers, owners.  Some of the dogs from our kennel have gone to do protection work in St. Louis. We have dogs that have gone to the East Coast to do Search and Rescue work. We have sent dogs to Virginia to do agility work. Missouri to work Cattle, Eastern Indiana to work Horses. Southern Indiana to guard/ property from Coyote
The dogs that stay here are working and training in Search and Rescue, Arson, Article Search, Conformation/Show Ring, Disaster work.
Our Search dogs have been used by the FBI, Local Law Enforcement, Private Party contracts, Emergency Management agencies, Independent Companies.
We have also placed dogs from our kennel in pet/companion famlies and have many reports of how well they are doing and how happy.
Our Most noted Search was done in Canada in connection with a Murder case that involved 5 murders. The search was a 3 week water recovery Search where Gunner worked in connection with a certified diver in several different bodies of water. The  experience was not only envaluable to our continued education and training, it was also a wonderful experience to work with Law enforcement and local agencies in the Vancouver British Columbia. Gunner proved to be an asset not only on land but in the water as well... indicating on areas of previous searches, and recoveries only furthering the belief that dogs are a wonderful asset to the work of Search and Recovery. He made believers out of those that once thought nothing of dogs doing work of this nature and made veteran search personnel believers in the breed as well as the United States and their training ethics.
We learned much from our Canadian counterparts and again hope to be of help to them on further cases, where k-9 search and recovery dogs are needed.
Was very interesting to come in contact with an ethnic group that does not hold the same beliefs where animals are concerned as do most americans.  After 3 weeks of working with Gunner they not only had become tight buddy's with Gunner.. sharing their lunch, and petting him and making up nicknames for him... they too became believers that the dog is not just a pet, and what a wonderful breed for the work.
I personally want to Thank Darryll Harasemow of Vancouver British Columbia a friend and professional diver for the experience and the opportunity to work in Canada... and with him.  Thanks Darryll!!
Hugs from me and Bites from Indo-Dog!
(a private joke between diver and dog)

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